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What is Rhetoric? Age-old Sources of Persuasion

How’s your Latin? And what about your Greek? Because to answer the question in the title, we need to go back to the Ancients. Aristotle, to be more exact, and his book Rhetoric. Rhetoric means ‘ars bene dicendi‘ – or, in translation, the art of speaking well. Not ‘correctly’ (that’s grammar), not ‘truly’ (that is…

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Business Communication: Getting off to a Good Start

A brief interaction with lasting consequences: such is the power of the “first impression“. Studies show that the first 7 seconds of an encounter are crucial for forming opinions, and that those impressions – those labels – can stick for a surprisingly long time. Nobody wants to disappoint. So, are there any “universal” rules about…

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Quote of the day

Today, I’m going to trust you with some German, but you can always use ModernMT, DeepL or Google Translate to figure it out – and also check how good Neural Machine Translation has become in the meantime. (Not kidding, please evaluate, compare, and let me know your thoughts on this. How much post-editing do you…

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On Nation Branding and Competitive Identity

“National reputation truly cannot be constructed; it can only be earned. Imagining that such a deeply rooted phenomenon can be shifted by so weak an instrument as marketing communications is an extravagant delusion. As Socrates observed, ‘the way to achieve a better reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear’.” SIMON ANHOLT…

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