Bulls-eye translations! Mitten ins Schwarze treffen


To reach your target, you need to communicate confidently. You need multilingual proficiency and cultural insight. But you also need craftsmanship. You need to know how to write a decent text. Every field has its own “lingo” and every institutional customer might have their own style guide to abide by. That’s all very well for dry documentation, but what if you need a creative text in a foreign language? Word by word just doesn’t cut it. You know what they say: “Traduttore? Traditore!” 🙂

This is generally called trans-creation. In this case, translators are copywriters. In advertising, we have to be particularly culture-savvy. But we also need to follow some “universal” rules for that killer sales pitch. In my next post, I will give you a list of basic tips for highly-effective copy. Stay tuned!

Your professional translator,

Andreea Sepi (BBA) – andreeasepi@yahoo.com, 0049-163-2627019.


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