Business communication. Your gain = my unique selling proposition

My education, background and diversified experience enable me to provide you with high-quality and optimally priced translation, copy writing and communication services. These are things you can count on.

You need seamless, competent and affordable services and support for your personal and business communication needs in a variety of settings and for a variety of audiences across borders.

That’s right. Support. I will be more than an external service provider doing her work blindly like an automaton. I will be a pro-active partner in your project – accompanying every aspect of it until its successful completion, keeping you up to speed on its progress and giving valuable feedback.

Based on all of the above, I deliver successful intercultural communication through a full range of professional solutions for the business sector.

Are you looking for competent translations, trans-creation, confident interpreting services, assistance with international marketing communications, market and media research or journalistic input, as well as individually tailored communication coaching? Then you have just found the ideal partner for a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation. Let’s work on your projects! Starting today.


Andreea Sepi – Communication Professional – 0049-(0)163-2627019,, 81547 Munich.



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