Nation Branding – The Case of Romania

Here’s an interesting account of why Romania’s image keeps failing and how the country’s culture is different from the West, in a paper I wrote for the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Berlin. You can find it at the link just below, under my name. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Andreea Sepi


4 thoughts on “Nation Branding – The Case of Romania

  1. I enjoyed your paper very much. I agree with that the change has to first happen in the minds and hearts of people, and will never work as reinforced “from above”. From my own experience with my Romanian friends in Iași, the change is starting to happen at least inside of some heads. I see people who truly care about their country, and really do something to make its education and global connectedness better.
    I also quite enjoyed your style of writing. Do you have any other papers on Romanian culture / cultural communication?


    1. Thank you very much. I am going to write my Master’s thesis on understanding Ro culture and Ro communication style, but it will take me another 2 years probably to wrap things up. I might post things little by little.


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