Communication Insights from Social Psychology

Did you know?

  • Simply introducing yourself (mentioning your name before making a request) improves the odds of people complying with your request?
  • When fund-raising, adding a short “even a penny can help” after your pitch actually gets people to donate more? By making your request so minimal, you make it almost impossible for people to say “no”.
  • By talking with people, rather than at people, you improve your chances of agreement? Dialogue sounds more like friendship than monologue does.
  • By publicizing negative behavior (such as crime, in the hope of stirring enough public outrage to curb that behavior), you actually reinforce it? (when people get the impression that a lot of their peers are doing it, bad behavior becomes normalized – i.e. it is perceived as a social norm, therefore easing other people’s conscience about doing it.)

Source: S. Plous, Wesleyan University – Social Psychology via Coursera.


3 thoughts on “Communication Insights from Social Psychology

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