Peculiarities of the Romanian language…

… or why you absolutely need a Romanian trainer. 🙂

For such “simple” things as basic politeness:

Bitte Please Vă rog / Te rog
Bitte There you are Poftiţi / Poftim
Bitte? (I beg your) pardon? Poftim?
Bitte You’re welcome Cu plăcere

For help with indefinite articles, personal pronouns or tenses:

eine Frau a woman o femeie
Ich sehe sie (Akk.) I see her o văd (pe ea)
Ich werde versuchen I‘ll try o să încerc (the second form of the future)

For the stressed, unstressed bound and unbound forms of the personal pronoun in dative:

Es geht euch gut. You‘re doing well. Vouă vă merge bine
Ich habe euch gesagt. I told you. V-am spus.
Ich gebe es euch. I’m giving it to you. Vi-l dau.

Stressed out? Don’t worry, there are plenty of shortcuts:

unsprezece (11)  or unşpe

treizeci şi nouă (39) or treişnouă

astăzi (today) or azi

aceasta (this) or asta

aceea (that) or aia

And because opportunities abound in Romania, just as they do in the Romanian language.


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