New trends on the Romanian labor market

Human Resource experts claim they are noticing a new trend on the Romanian labor market, with companies increasingly looking to hire people in their fourties and fifties. According to an article published by the Romanian daily Gandul, many companies have decided to resort to older employees because these are more responsible, have better communication skills, and are more reliable workers.

Many younger workers have high salary expectations, are career-driven, less loyal and even less skilled. People over 45 tend to be more experienced, more competent, and to value a stable albeit less glamorous job with a good work-life balance.

The unemployment rate for young Romanians between 25-34 years of age currently stands at 9.1%, while the unemployment rate of those between 45-54 years of age is only about 5%.

Romania has also been experiencing significant brain-drain. Many highly-qualified graduates have left the country in search of better opportunities in the West.


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