Weltanschauung – die rumänische Art (Maramuresch)

Here’s a folk song from the northern Maramures region of Romania that can give you a fascinating insight into the Romanian soul (and outlook on life):

“Şi-aşa-mi vine câteodată, dorule/ Să dau cu cuţitu-n piatră, dorule

Din piatră să iasă foc, măi dorule / Dacă-n viaţă n-am noroc, măi dorule

Când s-o-mpărţit norocul/ Fost-am eu dus la lucru

Şi la toţi le-o dat cu carul/ Numai mie cu paharul

Nici acela n-o fost plin/ Jumătate-o fost venin

Nici acela n-o fost ras/ Jumătate-o fost necaz

Înalt e cerul şi senin/ Pe-a mea parte norii vin

Înalt e cerul şi-nstelat/ Pe-a mea parte norii bat

Şi-aşa-mi vine câte-un gând/ Să plec pe păduri cântând.”

(another version, here).

Loosely translated, this melancholy song goes like this:

“Sometimes I get such an urge, oh, my longing/ To ram my knife into a rock, oh, my longing

That the rock should strike sparks / Because I have no luck in my life

When they distributed the luck / I was gone to work

And everyone received carloads of it / Only I received by the cupful

And even that cup was not full / Half of it was venom

And even that cup was not filled to the brim/ Half of it was pain and suffering

The sky is high and blue / On my side of it, the clouds keep coming

The sky is high and full of stars / All the clouds get blown over to my side

And I get such an urge sometimes / To go away into the woods, singing.”




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