Translation as vocation

As I wrap up another day’s work, spent among haiku, book introductions, technical term searches and commercial translation projects, let me just share with you this beautiful excerpt from an author that has brought a smile to my face:

“In addition to a thorough mastery of the source language, the literary translator must possess a profound knowledge of the target language. In reality, being in love with one or both languages, if not an absolute necessity, is a trait frequently found among the best and most successful literary translators. A lifelong love affair with words is one of the qualities that sets logophiles apart from others (…) who may make their living dealing with the written or spoken word but whose attachment is often more utilitarian than the translator’s”.

Clifford E. Landers – Literary Translation (Topics In Translation)

Indeed, what precision and consistency are to technical translation, “tone, style, flexibility, inventiveness”, knowledge of the source and target culture, “the ability to glean meaning from ambiguity”, and “an ear for sonority” are for literary translation.

I am reminded why I do it all.

Are you looking for a good, versatile translator – someone who is both accurate and creative? Look no further.


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