Brexit – The UK goes, will English stay? And a few other questions

Well, if you’ve spent any time on social media today (and I’ll bet you have), you’ve probably heard it all by now. Scores of people quipping and asking themselves what will become of English, until now an official EU language – will it fall out of grace? (After all, there’s also Ireland and Malta.) You may even have seen this ingenious and entertaining pun (I for one have received it from at least two different sources on Facebook):

But in the wake of the Brexit, more serious questions also arise. The FRD Center, a business consultancy located in Bucharest believes that many “British businesses, especially production companies that sell to EU member states”, are probably considering relocation to an EU country.
In their view, there are several arguments working in favor of Romania right now:
– high level of educated/open to learning working class
– good level of English, especially in the young generation
– strong industrial manufacturing sector
– rich natural resources, raw materials and comodities
– access to commercial sea-ports in the Black Sea.
(More details at

Pro-EU sentiment is still going strong in Romania (see above quip), it remains to be seen what new developments 2016 will bring. 🙂

P.S. Today is also the traditional Romanian summer celebration of the “Sânziene“, and International Day of the Romanian Blouse (or “ie românească“). Try one on and let’s make the best of this torrid day! #lablouseroumaine


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