Enough with the Brexit. Good news from “Remainia”

The Romanian Government on Tuesday adopted a set of measures intended to cut red tape and simplify a series of bureaucratic procedures in the country’s often absurd and Byzantine paper-shuffling sector.

The changes, hailed as a potential turning point in the relationship between the Romanian state and its citizens, were introduced to save time and to streamline interactions with the public administration for both individuals and businesses.

According to this Government Ordinance, notarized copies and original judicial records will become a thing of the past in many institutions, which are now required to post and accept forms in electronic formats, as well as process online payments for fines and other taxes.

maisimplu.gov.ro, the official website of the government’s so-called “Red-tape Trimming Committee” is open for anyone who would like to suggest better ways to do away with redundant paperwork.

P.S. For German speakers there is also this interesting blog post out this morning! (deutschsprachiges Blog über Rumänien heute)

P.P.S. And while we’re at it, another great initiative made public today! Check it out!


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