The cross-cultural office dilemma

Exploring other cultures is a fun thing to do on vacation, but for business people it is more than a curiosity. For executives, getting it right can make the difference between an organisation that runs smoothly and generates results, and one that seems to be falling apart. And by it I mean, of course, the cultural response.

So let’s delve into this by having a look at the following situation:

Why does the department leader of a German company have a separate office in Romania and France, but not so in Germany, where he shares a large hall with at least a dozen other employees?

And in another scenario, brought to us by Thomas A. and Rubatos A. in their book “Beruflich in Rumänien” (2011), why do things come to a grinding halt when a German company has to move to bigger headquarters and re-assign office space? And why are the Romanian executives suddenly appalled when the German managing director suggests solving the issue by giving everybody offices that are equal in size?

Think you know the answers? You might be surprised. Click here for competent intercultural coaching and liasing in Romania.



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