Translation News

Here is the latest news straight from the ATA Headquarters:

  • Roughly a third of all global research could be overlooked by the international scientific community because it is published in languages other than English. Scientific knowledge by non-native English speakers is often underrepresented in the dominant English-language academic journals, and there is a language-related imbalance in knowledge transfer especially in environmental sciences.
  • 2019 will be the Year of Indigenous Languages. This resolution was adopted by all 193 members of the UN General Assembly.

And another piece of breaking news from me:

  • Romanian author E.O. Chirovici, who had published 10 fiction titles in his home country before emigrating to the UK three years ago, is launching his first book written directly in English. The Book of Mirrors, set to appear later this month, has received glowing reviews and looks poised to become an international bestseller. Publishers in 23 countries have snapped up the book, according to The Guardian.

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