Another Great Year for Translations

The ATA, of which the author a long-standing member, is celebrating another historic year for the industry, as it joined forces with other organizations to increase the visibility and influence of translators and interpreters around the world. Below are some of this year’s handpicked accomplishments:

    • “The UN General Assembly recognized International Translation Day and acknowledged the role translators, interpreters, and terminologists play in international relations.
    • CNBC Business and PBS profiled translation and interpreting careers and featured ATA members in an episode of Where the Careers Are.
    • T&I Advocacy Day saw nearly 50 translators and interpreters travel to Capitol Hill to address issues and policies that impact the language services industry.
    • ATA’s Writers Group ended the year with client outreach articles in more than 60 business and trade publications.” (source: ATA Newsbriefs, 15.12.2017)

For yours truly, 2017 has meant diversifying further into media and communication analysis as well as Marcom proof-editing for several iconic global brands, getting her CertHE in English from the University of London, and obtaining an official trainer certification for adult education.

For professional business and creative translations, transcreation, and language training in English, Romanian and German, feel free to contact me at

Happy Holidays everyone, thank you for your business, and have a wonderful New Year 2018!



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