Transcreation Blunders – Care for a Rocket Salad?

Und schon haben wir den Salat. Raketen-Salat.

Hard to believe, I know, but I’ve just had it – the famed rocket salad. In German – Raketensalat.

… And we have liftoff, ladies and gentlemen!

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Also known as “arugula”, rocket is a plant which is sometimes blamed for giving restaurant-goers gas, but which invariably gives restaurant-owners a headache when they attempt to localize their menus.

Honorable establishments can easily fall prey to involuntary humor (and a pile of ridicule!) when they don’t pay enough attention to their multilingual marketing communications and rely on Google Translate without any human post-editing.

Such was the case of this (quite tasty) Italian restaurant. We enjoyed the salad (there were “rockets” on pizza, too) and are quite happy to have so far escaped the “abused” (battered) cod also common in the industry.

P.S. Make sure you’ll have a stuffed Turkey (i.e. “gefülltes Türkei”) next time around. Or better yet, choose a competent and experienced transcreator. 😉