Denglish Quote of the Day

Well, summer is definitely here and, having just survived our first heat wave, let’s lighten things up a bit with these funny literal translations of German sayings.

(Der Sommer ist endlich da, die erste Hitzewelle fast schon vorbei, also wollen wir uns den Tag ein bißchen aufheitern mit diesen wortwörtlichen Übersetzungen deutscher Sprüche.)

Have you ever come across this one:

“Without you is everything cheese”?

Awww… ‘Ohne dich ist alles Käse‘ simply means everything kind of sucks without you here. Life doesn’t make much sense anymore. I miss you. How cute.

So what’s with the cheese? Not only is this translation painfully wrong for a variety of reasons, but may I suggest you don’t use this with your French lover, for whom a tasty dish of cheese might well signify the coronation of a delicious meal, and therefore, nothing sucky, stinky or bad. After all, are you having a wonderful time without them and getting ready for desert? 😉 (For more on French cheese etiquette, you might want to have a look here:

Another one that’s raised a few eyebrows is

Enjoy your life in full trains“,

which, despite sounding like the worst kind of travel advice ever, is in fact a pretty straightforward recommendation to enjoy life to the fullest. (“Genieß dein Leben in vollen Zügen” has nothing to do with trains and everything to do with good deep breaths or a good long puff. À propos “Puff”, a word of warning: in German it means “whorehouse”!…)

Well, if you have ever heard people use these expressions in this manner, what can I tell you: “Their English is not the yellow from the egg” (= not that great at all), but fear not because help is available. Do not take the quality of your communication “on the light shoulder” (= lightly). Contact YOURTRANSCREATOR.COM for competent, creative and friendly language services in German, Romanian and English.

Take some time to think about “This is me sausage” and I’ll see you next week for the full explanation. Until then…

Liebe Freunde, falls Ihr Englisch nicht “das Gelbe vom Ei” ist, müssen Sie sich nicht schämen. Vor allem, do not “shame yourselves”, bitte! Kompetente, kreative und freundliche Sprachdienstleistungen sowie interkulturelle Beratung gibt es ausreichend hier. Qualität in der Kommunikation sollte man nie “auf die leichte Schulter nehmen”. Wir sehen uns nächste Woche wieder! Bis dahin…

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