Covid-19 Update: How Can We Help?

Hello! I hope you are all keeping well. The coronavirus outbreak has everyone worried.

These are difficult and trying times for all of us. Reading the future has become nearly impossible. Large swaths of industry have come to a standstill and the economic outlook is “chilly” to say the least. To successfully tackle this crisis and remain optimistic, we need to rely on each other more than ever.

YourTranscreator would like to know what our customers need at the moment and how we can be of assistance in the months to come.

How can we best support you, your projects and your organization with bespoke communication solutions, remote project management services and smooth intercultural communication? What are your current needs and how do you see the market developing? What and how do you need to communicate to your stakeholders right now and in the near future?

Please take a minute to complete our two short surveys below:

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#projectmanagement #remoteprojectmgm #intercultural communication

Please help us serve your needs better! It is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks and stay healthy!