Weather Words 101: From ‘Überschwemmung’ to ‘Hitzewelle’

If you’re like me, stuck at home in Bavaria this August because of the Covid-19 pandemic (Stichwort: staycation), then you’ve probably noticed some pretty significant variations in weather patterns and temperatures.

Last week’s word of the week could very well have been ‘Überschwemmung’ (flooding, inundation, overflow):

But do you know the difference between ‘Überschwemmung’, ‘Überflutung’ and ‘Hochwasser’? And did you have any idea how important these nuances are for insurance policies?

If such business or legal documents baffle you, YourTranscreator can help. Let me handle your translations while you hunker down with a cool beverage to escape the heat. Because this week’s word is definitely ‘Hitzewelle’. 😉

P.S. And by the way, how do you say #staycation in your language?

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