Mistake or Linguistic Innovation?

How do you feel about poetic licenses, lax grammar, and invented words? Is language a living organism, constantly evolving, or should a strictly standardized version be enforced?

Here’s what Romanian-French philosopher E. M. Cioran thinks:

“A dead language (…) is a language in which you don’t have the right to make mistakes. Which means that you don’t have the right to innovate in the slightest. (…). An idiom nears universality when it becomes emancipated from its own origins, when it leaves them behind and disavows them. (…) If it wants to (…) avoid irreality or sclerosis, it must relinquish its own exactingness, (…) it must allow for poor taste.”

translated from Écartèlement (Gallimard, FR, 1979) / Sfârtecare (Humanitas, RO, 1995)

What liberties do you take with language and have you ever coined a new word?

YourTranscreator would love to hear your opinions on the matter!

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