Doing business in Germany?

In business, time is money. Or so they say. In some parts of the world, at least. But time and planning and some of the most important aspects of doing business in Germany, which is a cautious and long-term oriented culture. I was reminded of this today, when I had to do a bit of informal research and consulting for a Romanian businessman friend of mine, who was trying (in vain!) to load some goods from a German company’s headquarters only to discover that there was nobody present!

As it turns out, the 20th of September is a bank holiday in Thuringia – International Children’s Day.

Here’s a full list of official holidays in Germany for the current year (2021):

It is also useful to keep in mind that in Germany tasks, meetings and projects are usually scheduled based on calendar weeks (KW, or Kalenderwoche). There are 52 KW in a year. This might be a confusing system for some, but we are currently in KW 38, as I have just discovered when trying to order a menu for my children at their school cafeteria. 🙂

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