Dragobete, Mărțișor and Beyond

On some Romanian spring fertility traditions and rituals – and how to deal with them without breaking the bank 🙂


“Dragobetele pupă fetele.”

Romanian folk saying (Dragobete kisses the girls)

How many of you know that Romania has its very own early-Christian Valentine’s tradition? It’s a spring fertility ritual called Dragobete, which takes place on February 24, and it dates back to the Early Middle Ages.

Not only this, but since the addition of Valentine’s Day (Ziua Îndrăgostiților), Romanian men at the beginning of spring find themselves obliged to offer various gifts to women for weeks on end! First Valentine’s, then Dragobete, followed by Mărțișor (the 1st of March), followed by International Women’s Day (the 8th of March)… These gifts typically range from flowers and chocolate to small brooches decorated with red&white yarn, and even to jewellery!

If you are one of these men, and you’re feeling like things are spiralling out of control and giving you vertigo, do not despair. A thoughtful gift for your loved one does not…

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What an Amazing Weekend!

The “wow factor” was definitely there in #Timisoara this opening weekend of the European Capital of Culture 2023! Lots of foreign tourists, high-ranking guests and culture lovers, too. And, obviously, so were we!

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Our storytelling travel guide #TIMISOARA23: 23 Secrets was launched on February 18th at the Cărtureşti bookstore in the throbbing heart of Timisoara – only one of the 140+ cultural events taking place this weekend in this year’s European Capital of Culture! (It is now sold out at Cărtureşti, but you can still find it on Amazon or – if you visit Timisoara – at La Doua Bufnite in Union Square (Piata Unirii), Matei Corvin St.)

See for yourselves and come on over: #visittimisoara #timisoaraiscool 😉

#europeancapitalofculture2023 #romania

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My Interview with RFI Romania

A few days ago, I was interviewed by Otilia Ghitescu from RFI Romania about our travel guide TIMISOARA23 and the European Capital of Culture 2023. You can read or listen (in Romanian), here: https://www.rfi.ro/cultura-152184-timisoara-2023-pregatita-sau-nu-de-turisti-multe-asteptari-si-un-ghid-cu-secrete Our stories about Timisoara and the Banat region, beautifully illustrated by Claudia Tanasescu, can be ordered on Amazon, in paperback or … Continue reading My Interview with RFI Romania

Happy holidays!

Just a quick line to wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season and to introduce you to my most recent project, a non-fiction book that uses storytelling to bring my hometown of Timisoara, Romania, European Capital of Culture 2023, closer to potential visitors. There's still time to order the paperback or download it … Continue reading Happy holidays!

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And here we are already, Episode 3 of our Romanian saga. How do Romanians, on average, relate to their ENVIRONMENT? What is going on with deforestation? Why is the majority of Romanians still unvaccinated against Covid and why is the polarization on this topic so dire? All legitimate questions. While most of the highly-educated urban … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Romanian Culture – ENVIRONMENT