Are you a small or medium-sized company striving to make it big in the world? A creative agency in search of answers for an upcoming campaign? A multinational corporation? If you…

  • need foreign-market insights, conclusive research, and a compelling message that keeps on shining across cultures
  • want to strengthen your brand, manage international audiences, and improve your content strategy to amplify engagement

… then you’ve come to the right place! Benefit from my expertise and harness the power of:


  • Marketing consulting: market research, cross-cultural management issues, trends and attitudes checks, claim checks, logo checks, consumer preferences, communication audits, competitor analysis, benchmarking
  • Tailored research and analyses, cross-cultural research
  • Multilingual and multicultural project support


  • Content strategy, empathy and experience maps, customer journeys
  • Copywriting, copy-editing of brand materials and ad campaigns, linguistic validation
  • Discourse analysis, storytelling and narrative strategies, framing, metaphor

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