Professional language and communication solutions, training, market and media research, intercultural insights and more. Delivering quality to international agencies and global end customers. 900+ successful projects and a whopping 2,200,000 well-crafted words to date.

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End customers include global brands and high-profile companies from the European and U.S. apparel, automotive, beverage, computer, cosmetics, electronics, fashion, hospitality and telecommunication industries; manufacturers and retail chains, freight carriers, EU regulatory bodies, money-transfer institutions, market research companies and international law firms (confidential agency work).  To name but a few agencies:


“Excellent work, impressive knowledge of language and culture, timely delivery, good communication. Thanks!”Peripatetic Translations GmbH

“Andreea is very fast and reliable. She has provided great accurate translations for us.”Transfluent

“Andreea handled every assignment in a very professional and timely manner.”altalingua

“Wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass Ihre Ergebnisse wirklich sehr gut waren und unsere Erwartungen bestens erfüllt haben. Vielen Dank dafür!”Nimirum GbR

“Andreea is very thorough and professional and we are very happy with our collaboration.”Hogarth WorldWide

“We just worked with Andreea Sepi for the first time. It was part of quite a challenging project which demanded not only excellent translation skills (from English into Romanian) but also a lot of flexibility, as well as fast communication. We are very satisfied with the services provided by Mrs Sepi and look forward to working with her again.”panalingua GmbH

“Das Feedback ist gut bis sehr gut ausgefallen. Vielen Dank für deine tolle Arbeit!”Lingo Art München

Andreea Sepi helped us translate one of our future titles into English. We are very pleased with the result, as well as the sound and the accuracy of her interpretation of some difficult paragraphs. Her delivery was prompt and the communication with her went always very smoothly. We will trust her skills for any potential project we might have in the future. It was a real pleasure to work together. We will recommend Andreea with an open heart since now we have developed a very good personal relationship.” – Aqua Forte Publishing

“Reliable and speedy deliveries, always a pleasure to work with!”Reinisch AG

Andreea is very pleasant and professional to work with; fast, reliable, attentive, we definitely wish to continue our cooperation with Andreea.” – Tilti Systems Ltd.

Andreea is prompt, very reliable and friendly. We enjoy working with her and we are looking forward to our next project together.” –  Swiss Solutions

“Wir empfehlen Andreea auf jeden Fall hundertfünfzigprozentig weiter!”a.l. espanol language training

“Frau Sepi – herzlichen Dank für Ihre qualitativ hochwertige und hochkarätige Übersetzung meines Fachbuchs “Make Your Money Great Again”. Ich kann Sie vorbehaltlos empfehlen und freue mich, weitere spannende Projekte mit Ihrer Unterstützung umzusetzen! Herzlichst, Alena Knöpfler.”Make Money Great

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