Is There Such a Thing as “Untranslatable”?

Are there any truly untranslatable words? The short answer is: No. The long answer: It depends on your definition of "untranslatable". Given that different cultures code things differently, it is a fact of life that every language contains at least a handful of words for which no equivalent word exists in another language. But fear not! … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as “Untranslatable”?

Essentials of Successful Negotiation

Piles of books as high as the Eiffel Tower have been written about tricks and tactics you can use to "win" in a negotiation. Some of them come close to comparing the whole thing to a war, where any means are justified to "extract" or "push through" a "profitable" agreement. Your run-of-the-mill self-help negotiation book has so little about … Continue reading Essentials of Successful Negotiation