The Psychology of Communication – The Power of Phrasing!

Ah, rhetoric!  Ars bene dicendi, as the ancient Romans would put it. In short, the theoretical know-how and the practical skill of effective text production and its (usually oral) delivery. Used and abused over the centuries, it is often nowadays equated with manipulation and bombast. But let us have a closer look. What does "effective" … Continue reading The Psychology of Communication – The Power of Phrasing!

7 Secrets of Effective Presentations

A presentation is only both effective and enjoyable when it is understandable. If you want your audience to take away as much as possible from your presentation, to be clear on its main points and to avoid costly misunderstandings, you have to work on making it more comprehensible. In their book Rhetorik & Kommunikation (Ernst Reihardt Verlag … Continue reading 7 Secrets of Effective Presentations