The 4 Steps of Nonviolent Communication

One of my favorite models of oral communication - and one I find very effective for solving personal conflicts - is Marshall Rosenberg's theory of nonviolent communication. The goal of nonviolent communication is to express ourselves authentically and honestly, to listen with empathy and to deal with potential conflict respectfully and considerately. The foundation of nonviolent communication is the willingness … Continue reading The 4 Steps of Nonviolent Communication


6 Rules of Polite Conversations

Klasse 2000 ( is Germany's largest educational program for health, addiction prevention and violence prevention. It takes place in elementary schools across the country. Based on a widespread class sponsorship concept, it teaches 6-10 year olds about healthy diets, sports and exercise, self-acceptance and building friendships, critical thinking, saying no to drugs, and conflict resolution. … Continue reading 6 Rules of Polite Conversations