Language and Logic: Deconstructing Political Discourse (I)

Why does language matter?  Why is it important and beneficial for people to have very good language skills? Postmodern culture theorists will tell you all notions are socially constructed, and that language is used not only to reflect, but also to co-create realities.  In a sense, all reality is textual:  it depends itself on language … Continue reading Language and Logic: Deconstructing Political Discourse (I)

How many languages are there in the world?

An exciting topic, which first begs the question "what is language?" According to linguists from the Leiden University in the Netherlands, language is a system of communication defined by three main characteristics: discrete infinity displacement joint attention, and as such is typical only of human beings. Discrete infinity means that language is made up of individual … Continue reading How many languages are there in the world?

Stop The Escalation! Stages of Conflict

'Tis the season to be jolly... and yet, nobody can rule out conflicts that flare up around the holidays. I thought it might be of use to list and explain a little the typical stages of conflict escalation, to give you a better idea where you're at, what's coming and how to check yourselves... 🙂 Hopefully, … Continue reading Stop The Escalation! Stages of Conflict

Neuromarketing Cheat Sheet…

How to get inside your customer's ... skull and hit gold.  We'd like to think of ourselves as rational individuals. Yet how much of our decisions are actually based on thorough reasoning (cost-benefit analysis, for instance) and how many are processed unconsciously, through emotions and intuition? The answer to the first question is: a very very … Continue reading Neuromarketing Cheat Sheet…

Smart Communication for Better Understanding!

Hello everyone, Good news. I am expanding my activities and my services! Recently, I have launched a new and comprehensive series called "Secrets of Communication". It is currently in its inception, but expect to find there a lot of fascinating advice on a variety of communication topics, ranging from general Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Presentations, Interpersonal … Continue reading Smart Communication for Better Understanding!

Business communication. Your gain = my unique selling proposition

My education, background and diversified experience enable me to provide you with high-quality and optimally priced translation, copy writing and communication services. These are things you can count on. You need seamless, competent and affordable services and support for your personal and business communication needs in a variety of settings and for a variety of audiences … Continue reading Business communication. Your gain = my unique selling proposition

Translations? Interpreting? Communication!

It seems children have an innate understanding of this. "Mommy, how do you say 'Would you like to play with me' in Spanish?", my son asked yesterday. Why would he even bother? After all, he already speaks perfect Romanian, German and some English. Well, because he's made a new friend at the kindergarten. And his … Continue reading Translations? Interpreting? Communication!