What Is Cross-Cultural Understanding?

“Try seeing, feeling, and tasting the water you swim in the way a land animal might perceive it. You may find the experience fascinating -- and mind-expanding.” ... “Each of the eight scales represents one key area that managers must be aware of, showing how cultures vary along a spectrum from one extreme to its … Continue reading What Is Cross-Cultural Understanding?


The cross-cultural office dilemma

Exploring other cultures is a fun thing to do on vacation, but for business people it is more than a curiosity. For executives, getting it right can make the difference between an organisation that runs smoothly and generates results, and one that seems to be falling apart. And by it I mean, of course, the cultural … Continue reading The cross-cultural office dilemma

Romania’s demographic decline continues: some figures

According to Romania's National Statistics Institute, the country's population has shrunk by 37,500 in the first 5 months of 2016 alone. Migration and considerably less births are cited as causes. These developments have led to this year's generation of high school graduates being the smallest in decades. On the positive side, several University presidents have … Continue reading Romania’s demographic decline continues: some figures

Romania’s most livable cities

Numbeo.com, one of the world's largest city data sites, runs continually updated rankings of cost of living, property prices, crime, pollution, traffic, health care and quality of life in cities around the world. Their quality of life index is calculated using an empirical formula that takes into account purchasing power, pollution, house price-to-income ratios, cost of … Continue reading Romania’s most livable cities

Weltanschauung – die rumänische Art (Maramuresch)

Here's a folk song from the northern Maramures region of Romania that can give you a fascinating insight into the Romanian soul (and outlook on life): "Şi-aşa-mi vine câteodată, dorule/ Să dau cu cuţitu-n piatră, dorule Din piatră să iasă foc, măi dorule / Dacă-n viaţă n-am noroc, măi dorule Când s-o-mpărţit norocul/ Fost-am eu … Continue reading Weltanschauung – die rumänische Art (Maramuresch)

Who we are vs. Who we think we are

Cross-cultural research focusing on Romania just became a whole lot more interesting with the publication of a new cognitive-experimental monograph by PhD Psychology professor Daniel David of the UBB Cluj. His book, aptly called "The Psychology Of The Romanian People" (Polirom, 2015) is full of thought-provoking revelations: for a nation, discrepancies between self-image and reality can lead … Continue reading Who we are vs. Who we think we are

Scurt ghid pentru emigrarea în Germania – disponibil pe Amazon Europe

Am aprobat draftul final al ghidului pentru proaspeţii imigranţi în Germania (sau pentru cei care intenţionează să facă acest pas), axat în special pe landul Bavaria pe care îl cunosc mai bine. Este o primă ediţie tipărită într-un interval scurt de timp (sub rezerva eventualelor omisiuni sau modificări ulterioare). În mare, temele abordate sunt următoarele: … Continue reading Scurt ghid pentru emigrarea în Germania – disponibil pe Amazon Europe

Consultanţă privind emigrarea în Germania – date, fapte, instituţii, cutume şi comunicare

Salutare tuturor! În luna iunie voi împlini 12 ani de Germania. Ca atare, intenţionez să marchez evenimentul prin lansarea unor cursuri de adaptare la realităţile din Germania*, dedicate celor aflaţi la începuturile vieţii de emigrant sau care iau în considerare această variantă. Cursul de iniţiere va aborda, în principiu, următoarele teme: sosirea în Germania şi înscrierea la … Continue reading Consultanţă privind emigrarea în Germania – date, fapte, instituţii, cutume şi comunicare

What’s your elevator sales pitch?

Uhh...what?! You know, when you're stuck in the elevator for a few minutes with someone who might look like a prospective client and who (fingers crossed!) asks you what you do. Whether you are in business for yourself or for your employer, you need to come up with a smart and effective answer right away. Think … Continue reading What’s your elevator sales pitch?

How To Make Sense of Culture – Watch Out For These Cultural Dimensions

"No society is healthy or creative or strong unless that society has a set of common values that give meaning and purpose to group life (...) and that do not outrage men's reason, and, at the same time, appeal to their emotions." Clyde Kluckhohn - Culture and Behavior. But what is culture, really? Culture is … Continue reading How To Make Sense of Culture – Watch Out For These Cultural Dimensions