Transcreation Toolbox (I): The Literary Devices Behind Great Slogans

We keep hearing slogans should be memorable. But have you ever stopped to wonder (and – gasp – analyze!) what makes good slogans stick in your brain and act as remote controls of human behavior? What is it about them that alerts and entices emotions, generates appeal and triggers action? Here’s one explanation, and it … Continue reading Transcreation Toolbox (I): The Literary Devices Behind Great Slogans


Why Culture Matters: Risks and Costs of Bad Translations

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2016 Translation News

Only three more days until 2017! But before we leave 2016 behind to embark on new adventures, here are some of the most interesting linguistic news directly from the ATA headquarters: Wikitongues, a non-profit organization based in New York, wants to help preserve and record linguistic diversity. It has volunteers in 40 countries, who have recorded over … Continue reading 2016 Translation News

Translation as vocation

As I wrap up another day's work, spent among haiku, book introductions, technical term searches and commercial translation projects, let me just share with you this beautiful excerpt from an author that has brought a smile to my face: "In addition to a thorough mastery of the source language, the literary translator must possess a … Continue reading Translation as vocation