Synopsis Romania: artisanal breweries and electric cars

According to Wall Street Romania, there is a growing market for innovative and artisanal beers in Romania. The country currently has 9 such producers and approximately 20 beers (see On a different note: In an interview with a reporter, Mr. Cristian Borc, the Romanian Economy Minister, said yesterday that the Romanian Government is … Continue reading Synopsis Romania: artisanal breweries and electric cars


Peculiarities of the Romanian language…

... or why you absolutely need a Romanian trainer. 🙂 For such "simple" things as basic politeness: Bitte Please Vă rog / Te rog Bitte There you are Poftiţi / Poftim Bitte? (I beg your) pardon? Poftim? Bitte You're welcome Cu plăcere For help with indefinite articles, personal pronouns or tenses: eine Frau a woman … Continue reading Peculiarities of the Romanian language…

(Emotional) Romanian Moms of The World

So I did the unthinkable today - this first day of school in Bavaria - and lunged to kiss the teacher's cheek. I was entering the classroom with my son, feeling grateful and high, and for some reason this felt like the most natural thing to do. What was I thinking??? It wasn't enough to … Continue reading (Emotional) Romanian Moms of The World