A Quick Guide to Romanian Culture – ENVIRONMENT

And here we are already, Episode 3 of our Romanian saga. How do Romanians, on average, relate to their ENVIRONMENT? What is going on with deforestation? Why is the majority of Romanians still unvaccinated against Covid and why is the polarization on this topic so dire? All legitimate questions. While most of the highly-educated urban … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Romanian Culture – ENVIRONMENT

2016 Translation News

Only three more days until 2017! But before we leave 2016 behind to embark on new adventures, here are some of the most interesting linguistic news directly from the ATA headquarters: Wikitongues, a non-profit organization based in New York, wants to help preserve and record linguistic diversity. It has volunteers in 40 countries, who have recorded over … Continue reading 2016 Translation News

Public sector strikes in Germany

A large number of German public workers are on strike today, in an attempt to force the German government to approve a 6% salary hike. Yesterday, day-care facilities around the country remained closed as kindergarten teachers went on strike. In some cities, public transportation workers also went on strike. Today it is the turn of Germany's airports … Continue reading Public sector strikes in Germany