(Emotional) Romanian Moms of The World

So I did the unthinkable today - this first day of school in Bavaria - and lunged to kiss the teacher's cheek. I was entering the classroom with my son, feeling grateful and high, and for some reason this felt like the most natural thing to do. What was I thinking??? It wasn't enough to … Continue reading (Emotional) Romanian Moms of The World

German Word of The Day!

Hello, hello, long time no see, but then even fascinating bloggers need some time offline once in a blue moon 🙂 . So let's renew our bond with a fascinating German word I've come across in my work today: FEHLERSTROMSCHUTZSCHALTER. A modest 25-letter word meaning "fault current circuit breaker". Or how about this one: PARKETTSCHLEIFMASCHINENVERLEIH. 30 … Continue reading German Word of The Day!