Translation quote of the day

"Translation is not a matter of words only. It is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture." Anthony Burgess

Enough with the Brexit. Good news from “Remainia”

The Romanian Government on Tuesday adopted a set of measures intended to cut red tape and simplify a series of bureaucratic procedures in the country's often absurd and Byzantine paper-shuffling sector. The changes, hailed as a potential turning point in the relationship between the Romanian state and its citizens, were introduced to save time and … Continue reading Enough with the Brexit. Good news from “Remainia”


Romania’s most livable cities, one of the world's largest city data sites, runs continually updated rankings of cost of living, property prices, crime, pollution, traffic, health care and quality of life in cities around the world. Their quality of life index is calculated using an empirical formula that takes into account purchasing power, pollution, house price-to-income ratios, cost of … Continue reading Romania’s most livable cities

Romania – Primeval beauty… and a few market facts

Off the beaten path: Romania, Europe's tender wilderness. Here, the Cerna Valley and its surroundings, in the country's southwest. The scenery, a soft primordial crescendo. The climate mild, the people welcoming. And the fragrances - whether wild flowers and acacia or the smell of home-cooked meals - irresistible. According to a recent report conducted by … Continue reading Romania – Primeval beauty… and a few market facts

Weltanschauung – die rumänische Art (Maramuresch)

Here's a folk song from the northern Maramures region of Romania that can give you a fascinating insight into the Romanian soul (and outlook on life): "Şi-aşa-mi vine câteodată, dorule/ Să dau cu cuţitu-n piatră, dorule Din piatră să iasă foc, măi dorule / Dacă-n viaţă n-am noroc, măi dorule Când s-o-mpărţit norocul/ Fost-am eu … Continue reading Weltanschauung – die rumänische Art (Maramuresch)

How many languages are there in the world?

An exciting topic, which first begs the question "what is language?" According to linguists from the Leiden University in the Netherlands, language is a system of communication defined by three main characteristics: discrete infinity displacement joint attention, and as such is typical only of human beings. Discrete infinity means that language is made up of individual … Continue reading How many languages are there in the world?

What is meaning?

The crux of every successful translation and human communication is how to accurately and effectively convey meaning. When the meaning intended by the speaker or by the producer of the text is not understood or interpreted correctly by the recipient of the message, communication breaks down and can even lead to conflict. But how is … Continue reading What is meaning?

Happy New Year… and many felicitous translations!

Well, the time has come to say goodbye to 2015, and although it has not snowed yet, a flurry of multilingual wishes will soon descend upon the Earth. Let's hope for more peace and mutual understanding in 2016 (not least of all with the help of translators across the world), good health, prosperity and success … Continue reading Happy New Year… and many felicitous translations!

What type of translator am I?

Well, if you must know... But no, that does not mean I work for free. 😉 It only means I'll make your day with beautifully translated texts delivered right on time and with plenty of useful feedback along the way! Contact me today!

Moral Relativity In A Foreign Language – Can it affect you?

Well, recent research conducted by psychologists from the University of Chicago and Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona shows it can. How? What?! You have probably never doubted your own integrity to this extent before. Do we become different people when thinking about things in a foreign language? I don't know about that, but this research shows pretty conclusively … Continue reading Moral Relativity In A Foreign Language – Can it affect you?