RUMÄNIEN – EINE GEBRAUCHSANLEITUNG für deutsche Tourist*innen, Manager*innen und Ausgebürgerte (Teil III)

Kurz, knapp und aktuell. Was deutsche Tourist*innen, Ausgebürgerte oder Manager*innen im Auslandseinsatz in Rumänien erwarten können (im Vergleich zum deutschen Kulturstandard) und ein paar mögliche Lösungsansätze (natürlich ohne Gewähr, denn jeder Mensch ist anders 😉 ): Fatalismus, Glaube als Bewältigungsmechanismus in einem sehr instabilen UmfeldOrthodoxie + Latinität + Balkanismus>> Versuchen Sie, die Vergangenheit und die … Continue reading RUMÄNIEN – EINE GEBRAUCHSANLEITUNG für deutsche Tourist*innen, Manager*innen und Ausgebürgerte (Teil III)


Language Quote of the Day

"How can we ever come to an understanding if I put in the words I utter the sense and value of things as I see them, while you (...) must inevitably translate them according to the conception of things each one of you has within himself."                   … Continue reading Language Quote of the Day

Denglish Reloaded

Welcome back! Whether you love it or loath it, it is undeniably Monday again, and I owe you an explanation, seeing how I left you last week with the seemingly impenetrable riddle of "This is me sausage". I'm sure most of you have already figured it out, but for those of you who haven't, here is … Continue reading Denglish Reloaded

2016 Translation News

Only three more days until 2017! But before we leave 2016 behind to embark on new adventures, here are some of the most interesting linguistic news directly from the ATA headquarters: Wikitongues, a non-profit organization based in New York, wants to help preserve and record linguistic diversity. It has volunteers in 40 countries, who have recorded over … Continue reading 2016 Translation News

Happy International Translation Day!

Es ist wieder soweit! September 30 is International Translation Day! Our profession has come a long way: "From fountain pens to typewriters to speech recognition. From index cards to electronic dictionaries and the knowledge highway" (you can read the full IFT communiqué here). The market for translation services is truly global in scope and nature, and … Continue reading Happy International Translation Day!