Why You Need an Experienced Linguist to Translate Your Work

You have spent countless hours, days, months, maybe even years working on something important. Whether it is a product, book, article, patent, or marketing campaign, you do not want to skimp on the translation. In fact, you want the best possible translator/editor on your team. Why? Because you do not want to undermine your credibility … Continue reading Why You Need an Experienced Linguist to Translate Your Work


A Quick Guide to Romanian Culture – OTHER HUMANS

Last time we talked about communication, which is one of the main ways we interact with OTHER PEOPLE. In fact, everything we do can be termed "communication", as it results in different types of messages and human beings are meaning-making creatures. This time, I'd like to talk a little more about power dynamics, decision-making, and … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Romanian Culture – OTHER HUMANS

Peculiarities of the Romanian language…

... or why you absolutely need a Romanian trainer. 🙂 For such "simple" things as basic politeness: Bitte Please Vă rog / Te rog Bitte There you are Poftiţi / Poftim Bitte? (I beg your) pardon? Poftim? Bitte You're welcome Cu plăcere For help with indefinite articles, personal pronouns or tenses: eine Frau a woman … Continue reading Peculiarities of the Romanian language…

Protect translators around the world!

Alongside journalists, translators and interpreters are in the line of fire in many regions of the world today. Linguists are being threatened, targeted, persecuted as traitors, incarcerated for content. Even translators and interpreters working for humanitarian aid organizations are at risk. The world cannot function, nor can we stay informed and abreast of developments without them. … Continue reading Protect translators around the world!

Happy International Translation Day!

Es ist wieder soweit! September 30 is International Translation Day! Our profession has come a long way: "From fountain pens to typewriters to speech recognition. From index cards to electronic dictionaries and the knowledge highway" (you can read the full IFT communiqué here). The market for translation services is truly global in scope and nature, and … Continue reading Happy International Translation Day!