Languages most targeted by European startups

According to an article by translation and localization agency Moravia, almost all 50 top European startups and high-tech unicorns localize into English, approximately 75% of them also target German, French, and Spanish, and only about 44% of these companies localize into Asian languages. About 25% of European startups localize into Romanian, ahead of many other Eastern European languages … Continue reading Languages most targeted by European startups

What makes young Germans tick

A recent SINUS survey conducted on behalf of the German Children and Youth Foundation, the Catholic Youth Federation, the Federal Center for Political Education and several other organizations reveals that the German youth of 2016 is hardly interested in provocative subcultures anymore, and prefers the mainstream instead. The authors claim that "a majority of young people agree that at this particular … Continue reading What makes young Germans tick

Weltanschauung – die rumänische Art (Maramuresch)

Here's a folk song from the northern Maramures region of Romania that can give you a fascinating insight into the Romanian soul (and outlook on life): "Şi-aşa-mi vine câteodată, dorule/ Să dau cu cuţitu-n piatră, dorule Din piatră să iasă foc, măi dorule / Dacă-n viaţă n-am noroc, măi dorule Când s-o-mpărţit norocul/ Fost-am eu … Continue reading Weltanschauung – die rumänische Art (Maramuresch)

Culture reflected in language

Most of the time, a culture's innermost values are hidden. One of the external manifestations where they become visible is language. What does the Romanian language tell us about the country's cultural profile and its core values? Romanian is a Romance language of Latin descent with many Slavic, French, English, Turkish, Hungarian and German imports. … Continue reading Culture reflected in language

Synopsis Romania: artisanal breweries and electric cars

According to Wall Street Romania, there is a growing market for innovative and artisanal beers in Romania. The country currently has 9 such producers and approximately 20 beers (see On a different note: In an interview with a reporter, Mr. Cristian Borc, the Romanian Economy Minister, said yesterday that the Romanian Government is … Continue reading Synopsis Romania: artisanal breweries and electric cars

New trends on the Romanian labor market

Human Resource experts claim they are noticing a new trend on the Romanian labor market, with companies increasingly looking to hire people in their fourties and fifties. According to an article published by the Romanian daily Gandul, many companies have decided to resort to older employees because these are more responsible, have better communication skills, … Continue reading New trends on the Romanian labor market

Romania: Gender Pay Gap 9% (EU average 16,4%)

In Romania, women earn on average 9% less than men in similar positions. This gap is smaller than the EU average of 16,4% and considerably less than that registered in Germany, which stands at approximately 22%. German women in executive positions earn up to 30% less than their male counterparts. According to a recent document, Romanian … Continue reading Romania: Gender Pay Gap 9% (EU average 16,4%)

How many languages are there in the world?

An exciting topic, which first begs the question "what is language?" According to linguists from the Leiden University in the Netherlands, language is a system of communication defined by three main characteristics: discrete infinity displacement joint attention, and as such is typical only of human beings. Discrete infinity means that language is made up of individual … Continue reading How many languages are there in the world?

Happy New Year… and many felicitous translations!

Well, the time has come to say goodbye to 2015, and although it has not snowed yet, a flurry of multilingual wishes will soon descend upon the Earth. Let's hope for more peace and mutual understanding in 2016 (not least of all with the help of translators across the world), good health, prosperity and success … Continue reading Happy New Year… and many felicitous translations!

What type of translator am I?

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