Quote of the day

Today, I'm going to trust you with some German, but you can always use ModernMT, DeepL or Google Translate to figure it out 😋 - and also check how good Neural Machine Translation has become in the meantime. (Not kidding, please evaluate, compare, and let me know your thoughts on this. How much post-editing do … Continue reading Quote of the day


Narratology – How Stories Work and Why They Matter

We live in a world of stories. Stories shape the way we think about reality. Stories are what we tell ourselves about ourselves. When the human brain wants to make sense of events and data in the environment, transform them into actionable insights, and share them with others, there is no way around stories. We … Continue reading Narratology – How Stories Work and Why They Matter

How to Tell a Good Brand Story

Storytelling is central to marketing - and it's the main way we make sense of the world. Here are a few tips for putting words to work and crafting compelling narratives. Nowadays brands - like people - have personalities. They become friends, companions and - occasionally - bogeymen. Marketing is a bit like matchmaking, followed by … Continue reading How to Tell a Good Brand Story