Language and Logic: Deconstructing Political Discourse (II)

(Read the initial article here.) An interesting ramification of communication and persuasion science is the line of study concerned with manipulation strategies and manufacturing consent. The study of media manipulation, persuasion, and propaganda has several theorists, of which Noam Chomsky - the great MIT linguist - is perhaps the best known. Media manipulation often uses a … Continue reading Language and Logic: Deconstructing Political Discourse (II)

6 Features of Captivating Messages

Going back to Aristotle, rhetoric is the practical faculty of observing and deploying, in any given case, all the available means of persuasion. What then, makes a message persuasive? A lot lies in the logical argument itself, the demonstration. But, quite importantly, Aristotle himself notes that knowledge does not automatically produce conviction! In his words, … Continue reading 6 Features of Captivating Messages

Information and Persuasion: 3 Features of Conspiracy Theories

In times of crisis and upheaval conspiracy theories abound. When people experience unease and doubt, when old answers no longer seem to function or are challenged by societal change, when suspicions are born and everything seems relative and ambiguous, our brains yearn for unequivocal, clear-cut, black and white answers. It would also appear that the decline … Continue reading Information and Persuasion: 3 Features of Conspiracy Theories

Communication Insights from Social Psychology

Did you know? Simply introducing yourself (mentioning your name before making a request) improves the odds of people complying with your request? When fund-raising, adding a short "even a penny can help" after your pitch actually gets people to donate more? By making your request so minimal, you make it almost impossible for people to say "no". … Continue reading Communication Insights from Social Psychology

6 Secrets of Persuasion

If you need to communicate professionally, you've probably read your way through tomes of sales and negotiation literature by now. There is a plethora of tactics, techniques and tricks out there which purport to help you sway partners over to your side. But what is the underlying foundation of all these techniques?  How can they … Continue reading 6 Secrets of Persuasion

Smart Communication for Better Understanding!

Hello everyone, Good news. I am expanding my activities and my services! Recently, I have launched a new and comprehensive series called "Secrets of Communication". It is currently in its inception, but expect to find there a lot of fascinating advice on a variety of communication topics, ranging from general Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Presentations, Interpersonal … Continue reading Smart Communication for Better Understanding!