Social Interactions via Language – Politeness

Now, another theory I absolutely love in terms of conversation analysis and pragmatics (speaker meaning) is Brown and Levinson's "Politeness theory". According to Yule (2014), politeness is showing awareness and consideration for another person's emotional and social sense of self (or "face"). Psychology tells us there are at least two basic psychological needs we all … Continue reading Social Interactions via Language – Politeness


Trouble saying ‘NO’? 10 Rules of Assertiveness

Before we go down this path (I can just hear the mothers-in-law wailing in the background, "When has my son become so assertive?" 🙂 ), let's first try to define the concept we're talking about. So, what is assertiveness? No, I don't think being brash and selfish qualifies.  No, assertiveness is not veiled verbal aggression or … Continue reading Trouble saying ‘NO’? 10 Rules of Assertiveness

6 Rules of Polite Conversations

Klasse 2000 ( is Germany's largest educational program for health, addiction prevention and violence prevention. It takes place in elementary schools across the country. Based on a widespread class sponsorship concept, it teaches 6-10 year olds about healthy diets, sports and exercise, self-acceptance and building friendships, critical thinking, saying no to drugs, and conflict resolution. … Continue reading 6 Rules of Polite Conversations