3 Openers for a Great Presentation

You have to get in front of an audience to represent your employer, your team, your idea or simply yourself. All eyes will be on you and you're not sure what to say to get off to a good start. You've done your homework. Maybe you've re-read Aristotle (for sure) and looked at argumentation and persuasion … Continue reading 3 Openers for a Great Presentation

How to Tell a Good Brand Story

Storytelling is central to marketing - and it's the main way we make sense of the world. Here are a few tips for putting words to work and crafting compelling narratives. Nowadays brands - like people - have personalities. They become friends, companions and - occasionally - bogeymen. Marketing is a bit like matchmaking, followed by … Continue reading How to Tell a Good Brand Story

Information and Persuasion: 3 Features of Conspiracy Theories (reloaded)

"Most people reason dramatically, not quantitatively" (O.W. Holmes) In light of the recent anti-Corona demonstrations (Stichwort #Aluhut), I feel almost compelled to post an older article I wrote about communication and the psychology of conspiracy theories. CRISES AND INGREDIENTS In times of crisis and upheaval conspiracy theories abound. When people experience unease and doubt, when old … Continue reading Information and Persuasion: 3 Features of Conspiracy Theories (reloaded)

6 Features of Captivating Messages

Going back to Aristotle, rhetoric is the practical faculty of observing and deploying, in any given case, all the available means of persuasion. What then, makes a message persuasive? A lot lies in the logical argument itself, the demonstration. But, quite importantly, Aristotle himself notes that knowledge does not automatically produce conviction! In his words, … Continue reading 6 Features of Captivating Messages

The Psychology of Communication – The Power of Phrasing!

Ah, rhetoric!  Ars bene dicendi, as the ancient Romans would put it. In short, the theoretical know-how and the practical skill of effective text production and its (usually oral) delivery. Used and abused over the centuries, it is often nowadays equated with manipulation and bombast. But let us have a closer look. What does "effective" … Continue reading The Psychology of Communication – The Power of Phrasing!

Smart Communication for Better Understanding!

Hello everyone, Good news. I am expanding my activities and my services! Recently, I have launched a new and comprehensive series called "Secrets of Communication". It is currently in its inception, but expect to find there a lot of fascinating advice on a variety of communication topics, ranging from general Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Presentations, Interpersonal … Continue reading Smart Communication for Better Understanding!