Languages most targeted by European startups

According to an article by translation and localization agency Moravia, almost all 50 top European startups and high-tech unicorns localize into English, approximately 75% of them also target German, French, and Spanish, and only about 44% of these companies localize into Asian languages. About 25% of European startups localize into Romanian, ahead of many other Eastern European languages … Continue reading Languages most targeted by European startups


Protect translators around the world!

Alongside journalists, translators and interpreters are in the line of fire in many regions of the world today. Linguists are being threatened, targeted, persecuted as traitors, incarcerated for content. Even translators and interpreters working for humanitarian aid organizations are at risk. The world cannot function, nor can we stay informed and abreast of developments without them. … Continue reading Protect translators around the world!

Moral Relativity In A Foreign Language – Can it affect you?

Well, recent research conducted by psychologists from the University of Chicago and Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona shows it can. How? What?! You have probably never doubted your own integrity to this extent before. Do we become different people when thinking about things in a foreign language? I don't know about that, but this research shows pretty conclusively … Continue reading Moral Relativity In A Foreign Language – Can it affect you?