The Key to Leadership Communication

Spoiler alert: it's the pronoun "we" (or "us"). But how do we turn it into a livable reality? When discussing leadership communication, plenty of texts and materials out there will have you believe that it has everything to do with a leader’s personal qualities (such as charisma and interpersonal skills), their professional ability (competence, reliability, … Continue reading The Key to Leadership Communication


Language and Thought: How Interconnected Are They?

Motto: "The problem with words is you don't know whose mouths they've been in." (Dennis Potter) Ever since Aristotle, and probably way before that, our world has been both aware of and fascinated by the hypnotic power of words. Our word choices and how we put them together to create context and meaning, social representations … Continue reading Language and Thought: How Interconnected Are They?

Communication Insights from Social Psychology

Did you know? Simply introducing yourself (mentioning your name before making a request) improves the odds of people complying with your request? When fund-raising, adding a short "even a penny can help" after your pitch actually gets people to donate more? By making your request so minimal, you make it almost impossible for people to say "no". … Continue reading Communication Insights from Social Psychology