6 Features of Captivating Messages

Going back to Aristotle, rhetoric is the practical faculty of observing and deploying, in any given case, all the available means of persuasion. What then, makes a message persuasive? A lot lies in the logical argument itself, the demonstration. But, quite importantly, Aristotle himself notes that knowledge does not automatically produce conviction! In his words, … Continue reading 6 Features of Captivating Messages

Solutions To The 5 Trickiest Arguments in A Negotiation

You've been noticing the negotiation isn't going quite as smoothly as you had hoped, but now, all of a sudden, the person across the table starts blurting out statistical evidence, approximate quotations from authorities in the field, emotional¬†appeals and other people's vaguely related experiences. Things you can't verify. Things you can neither confirm nor deny. … Continue reading Solutions To The 5 Trickiest Arguments in A Negotiation