How To Achieve Win-Win. Cooperative vs. Competitive Communication

As social creatures, we humans are dependent on communication with others about the most diverse topics. We have the cognitive and psychological ability to see the world from a variety of standpoints and to reach cooperative end results. Empathy allows us to evaluate, understand, and even adopt another person's point of view.  We are able … Continue reading How To Achieve Win-Win. Cooperative vs. Competitive Communication


2016 Translation News

Only three more days until 2017! But before we leave 2016 behind to embark on new adventures, here are some of the most interesting linguistic news directly from the ATA headquarters: Wikitongues, a non-profit organization based in New York, wants to help preserve and record linguistic diversity. It has volunteers in 40 countries, who have recorded over … Continue reading 2016 Translation News

Culture reflected in language

Most of the time, a culture's innermost values are hidden. One of the external manifestations where they become visible is language. What does the Romanian language tell us about the country's cultural profile and its core values? Romanian is a Romance language of Latin descent with many Slavic, French, English, Turkish, Hungarian and German imports. … Continue reading Culture reflected in language

Public sector strikes in Germany

A large number of German public workers are on strike today, in an attempt to force the German government to approve a 6% salary hike. Yesterday, day-care facilities around the country remained closed as kindergarten teachers went on strike. In some cities, public transportation workers also went on strike. Today it is the turn of Germany's airports … Continue reading Public sector strikes in Germany

Synopsis Romania: artisanal breweries and electric cars

According to Wall Street Romania, there is a growing market for innovative and artisanal beers in Romania. The country currently has 9 such producers and approximately 20 beers (see On a different note: In an interview with a reporter, Mr. Cristian Borc, the Romanian Economy Minister, said yesterday that the Romanian Government is … Continue reading Synopsis Romania: artisanal breweries and electric cars

New trends on the Romanian labor market

Human Resource experts claim they are noticing a new trend on the Romanian labor market, with companies increasingly looking to hire people in their fourties and fifties. According to an article published by the Romanian daily Gandul, many companies have decided to resort to older employees because these are more responsible, have better communication skills, … Continue reading New trends on the Romanian labor market