Enough with the Brexit. Good news from “Remainia”

The Romanian Government on Tuesday adopted a set of measures intended to cut red tape and simplify a series of bureaucratic procedures in the country's often absurd and Byzantine paper-shuffling sector. The changes, hailed as a potential turning point in the relationship between the Romanian state and its citizens, were introduced to save time and … Continue reading Enough with the Brexit. Good news from “Remainia”


Of words and dictionaries

Keeping to the subject of English (we hate to see it leave), the Oxford Dictionaries website has some interesting insights into the lexical sphere and its succulent riches. Did you know, for instance, how many words there are in the English language? Well, although it is very difficult to decide what counts as a separate word and … Continue reading Of words and dictionaries

Public sector strikes in Germany

A large number of German public workers are on strike today, in an attempt to force the German government to approve a 6% salary hike. Yesterday, day-care facilities around the country remained closed as kindergarten teachers went on strike. In some cities, public transportation workers also went on strike. Today it is the turn of Germany's airports … Continue reading Public sector strikes in Germany

Happy International Translation Day!

Es ist wieder soweit! September 30 is International Translation Day! Our profession has come a long way: "From fountain pens to typewriters to speech recognition. From index cards to electronic dictionaries and the knowledge highway" (you can read the full IFT communiqué here). The market for translation services is truly global in scope and nature, and … Continue reading Happy International Translation Day!

Translations? Interpreting? Communication!

It seems children have an innate understanding of this. "Mommy, how do you say 'Would you like to play with me' in Spanish?", my son asked yesterday. Why would he even bother? After all, he already speaks perfect Romanian, German and some English. Well, because he's made a new friend at the kindergarten. And his … Continue reading Translations? Interpreting? Communication!

Übersetzung & Kommunikation für den Wirtschaftssektor

Sie haben ein wertschaffendes Produkt auf den globalen Markt gebracht. Jetzt ist der Slogan zu übersetzen. Und der muss verkaufen! Technische Dokumentation haben Sie bestimmt auch. Die Qualität der Übersetzung wirkt sich aufs gesamte Unternehmensimage aus - und beeinflusst die Umsätze. Wollen Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihre Verkaufsargumente, Produkt-Präsentationen und Werbetexte in einer anderen Sprache wirksam … Continue reading Übersetzung & Kommunikation für den Wirtschaftssektor

So… what does a translation REALLY involve?

In today's globalized world, there is no way around translations. You need quality translations because to translate is to communicate and to communicate badly is to perish. The way you handle your communications is your window to the world, and a pretty reliable gauge of future profits. How accurate your legal contracts are, how clear … Continue reading So… what does a translation REALLY involve?