Genderlect: Why Is It Important?

Good question. But what is genderlect, anyway? Linguists use this blending of gender and dialect to describe how language use differs between men and women (and also to sound cool). Do men and women use language differently? A large body of research shows that yes, indeed they do. With the advancement of gender equality, these … Continue reading Genderlect: Why Is It Important?


Translation quote of the day

"Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence." George Steiner

Romania – Primeval beauty… and a few market facts

Off the beaten path: Romania, Europe's tender wilderness. Here, the Cerna Valley and its surroundings, in the country's southwest. The scenery, a soft primordial crescendo. The climate mild, the people welcoming. And the fragrances - whether wild flowers and acacia or the smell of home-cooked meals - irresistible. According to a recent report conducted by … Continue reading Romania – Primeval beauty… and a few market facts

What makes young Germans tick

A recent SINUS survey conducted on behalf of the German Children and Youth Foundation, the Catholic Youth Federation, the Federal Center for Political Education and several other organizations reveals that the German youth of 2016 is hardly interested in provocative subcultures anymore, and prefers the mainstream instead. The authors claim that "a majority of young people agree that at this particular … Continue reading What makes young Germans tick

How many languages are there in the world?

An exciting topic, which first begs the question "what is language?" According to linguists from the Leiden University in the Netherlands, language is a system of communication defined by three main characteristics: discrete infinity displacement joint attention, and as such is typical only of human beings. Discrete infinity means that language is made up of individual … Continue reading How many languages are there in the world?

Smart Communication for Better Understanding!

Hello everyone, Good news. I am expanding my activities and my services! Recently, I have launched a new and comprehensive series called "Secrets of Communication". It is currently in its inception, but expect to find there a lot of fascinating advice on a variety of communication topics, ranging from general Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Presentations, Interpersonal … Continue reading Smart Communication for Better Understanding!