Covid-19 Update: How Can We Help?

Hello! I hope you are all keeping well. The coronavirus outbreak has everyone worried. These are difficult and trying times for all of us. Reading the future has become nearly impossible. Large swaths of industry have come to a standstill and the economic outlook is "chilly" to say the least. To successfully tackle this crisis … Continue reading Covid-19 Update: How Can We Help?

What Is Cross-Cultural Understanding?

“Try seeing, feeling, and tasting the water you swim in the way a land animal might perceive it. You may find the experience fascinating -- and mind-expanding.” ... “Each of the eight scales represents one key area that managers must be aware of, showing how cultures vary along a spectrum from one extreme to its … Continue reading What Is Cross-Cultural Understanding?

Happy International Translator Day!

Today, 30.09, translators from all over the world are celebrating International Translators Day! Poring over technical documents, honing your company's image or the website you are just visiting. Wishing them all a nice day, lots of patience, great spelling and many happy customers! 🙂

New virtual event coming up

For translators and those interested in the trade, interesting conference sessions coming up on ProZ: Seid willkommen und schaut vorbei! Andreea.

7 rules of engagement

No, this post has nothing to do with Valentine's day, engagement rings or marriage proposals. Engagement is what effective copy writing triggers in your potential customers. It engages them, it makes them relate, it helps them develop awareness, convictions, desires, decision-making processes and, finally, action. Or so it should. Engaging is what effective copy writing … Continue reading 7 rules of engagement

Bulls-eye translations! Mitten ins Schwarze treffen

Hi, To reach your target, you need to communicate confidently. You need multilingual proficiency and cultural insight. But you also need craftsmanship. You need to know how to write a decent text. Every field has its own "lingo" and every institutional customer might have their own style guide to abide by. That's all very well … Continue reading Bulls-eye translations! Mitten ins Schwarze treffen