Denglish Quote of the Day

Well, summer is definitely here and, having just survived our first heat wave, let's lighten things up a bit with these funny literal translations of German sayings. (Der Sommer ist endlich da, die erste Hitzewelle fast schon vorbei, also wollen wir uns den Tag ein bißchen aufheitern mit diesen wortwörtlichen Übersetzungen deutscher Sprüche.) Have you … Continue reading Denglish Quote of the Day

The High Cost of Cheap Translation

An excellent, insightful, and honest article from the Homebusinessmag. Food for thought. Your next important translation project might be just around the corner. Read below (click source link) and get ready for that decision: Source: The High Cost of Cheap Translation   A lovely weekend to all!    

What Is Cross-Cultural Understanding?

“Try seeing, feeling, and tasting the water you swim in the way a land animal might perceive it. You may find the experience fascinating -- and mind-expanding.” ... “Each of the eight scales represents one key area that managers must be aware of, showing how cultures vary along a spectrum from one extreme to its … Continue reading What Is Cross-Cultural Understanding?

Of words and dictionaries

Keeping to the subject of English (we hate to see it leave), the Oxford Dictionaries website has some interesting insights into the lexical sphere and its succulent riches. Did you know, for instance, how many words there are in the English language? Well, although it is very difficult to decide what counts as a separate word and … Continue reading Of words and dictionaries

What type of translator am I?

Well, if you must know... But no, that does not mean I work for free. 😉 It only means I'll make your day with beautifully translated texts delivered right on time and with plenty of useful feedback along the way! Contact me today!

Why We (Still) Love Language: A Plea

Because we do, don't we? Or we should. Every time we pick up a good book or a great article it exerts this peculiar fascination on us, and we give in and we're no longer suspended in ambiguous dry limbo. We swim, we dive, we submerge in full enjoyment of the written text. We rediscover. … Continue reading Why We (Still) Love Language: A Plea

Irrationality and Eastern Hospitality – Is There A Link?

Yes, as a matter of fact. Only it's probably not what you might be tempted to think. Ok, ok, so I used a pompous and controversial title to capture your attention and to stir your interest. Did it work? 😉 It's been a while since I first stumbled upon Dan Ariely and his extensive research … Continue reading Irrationality and Eastern Hospitality – Is There A Link?

German Word of The Day!

Hello, hello, long time no see, but then even fascinating bloggers need some time offline once in a blue moon 🙂 . So let's renew our bond with a fascinating German word I've come across in my work today: FEHLERSTROMSCHUTZSCHALTER. A modest 25-letter word meaning "fault current circuit breaker". Or how about this one: PARKETTSCHLEIFMASCHINENVERLEIH. 30 … Continue reading German Word of The Day!

Übersetzung & Kommunikation für den Wirtschaftssektor

Sie haben ein wertschaffendes Produkt auf den globalen Markt gebracht. Jetzt ist der Slogan zu übersetzen. Und der muss verkaufen! Technische Dokumentation haben Sie bestimmt auch. Die Qualität der Übersetzung wirkt sich aufs gesamte Unternehmensimage aus - und beeinflusst die Umsätze. Wollen Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihre Verkaufsargumente, Produkt-Präsentationen und Werbetexte in einer anderen Sprache wirksam … Continue reading Übersetzung & Kommunikation für den Wirtschaftssektor