New Transposition Emblem Published

Check out my contribution on Perypatetik's 2018 transposition topic at: Best, Andreea.

Romania’s demographic decline continues: some figures

According to Romania's National Statistics Institute, the country's population has shrunk by 37,500 in the first 5 months of 2016 alone. Migration and considerably less births are cited as causes. These developments have led to this year's generation of high school graduates being the smallest in decades. On the positive side, several University presidents have … Continue reading Romania’s demographic decline continues: some figures

Romania: Gender Pay Gap 9% (EU average 16,4%)

In Romania, women earn on average 9% less than men in similar positions. This gap is smaller than the EU average of 16,4% and considerably less than that registered in Germany, which stands at approximately 22%. German women in executive positions earn up to 30% less than their male counterparts. According to a recent document, Romanian … Continue reading Romania: Gender Pay Gap 9% (EU average 16,4%)

Happy International Translation Day!

Es ist wieder soweit! September 30 is International Translation Day! Our profession has come a long way: "From fountain pens to typewriters to speech recognition. From index cards to electronic dictionaries and the knowledge highway" (you can read the full IFT communiqué here). The market for translation services is truly global in scope and nature, and … Continue reading Happy International Translation Day!